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The Skills You Gain from Volunteering

Volunteering is a great way to give back to the community and make a positive impact. But the benefits of volunteering are numerous and it can also contribute to your personal and professional growth.

You need to have effective communication skills for almost every aspect of your life.

You will need to interact with people fromdifferent walks of life. This is needed in your professional and personal life. You need to be able to present your ideas to a group and coordinate with team members and clarify your feedback to others. It is important to learn how to articulate your thoughts in a clear way. In addition to sharing your ideas, you need to be receptive to others’ ideas as well. This means learning to listen actively. When you are volunteering at Tanzania hostels, you will be able to interact with many individuals and this will help improve both your verbal and non-verbal communication. You will be more confident in your communication as well. You need to take a leadership role in many volunteering opportunities even for smaller projects. This will require leading a team, managing resources and organising events. Through these experiences, you will learn how to guide and motivate others, make informed decisions and handle many responsibilities. It is a good opportunity for you to develop your leadership and management skills. This will give you some preparation for significant roles in your career as well.

You will be working closely with others when it comes to volunteering.

As a group, you will be working towards a common goal and you will be able to learn how to work effectively as a team member through these volunteer opportunities. You will be able to learn how to resolve conflicts, leverage different strengths of different team members and to negotiate roles. You need to know how to collaborate with others in personal and professional settings. With volunteering, you can run into many challenges and unexpected situations. This needs you to think on your feet. You have to think quickly and analyse the situation so that you can come up with creative solutions. This can be addressing a logistical issue during an event or finding new ways to engage the community. You need to develop problem solving skills so that you can make something more efficient or functional. And in these situations, you will be under pressure which will help you learn to come up with solutions even in challenging situations.

You will need to balance volunteer work with your other commitments

And this means managing your time effectively. You need to meet deadlines, prioritise tasks and be organised. Time management is a skill that you will need to perfect and this will be very useful in your professional life as well. Then there are certain technical skills you will acquire as a volunteer in a specific field or area. For example, when you are working at a non-profit organisation, you will learn about event planning, how to manage social media profiles etc. You will be able to gain hands-on experience with new tools and technologies which is a great way to enhance your resume.