YouTube will finally roll out picture-in-picture mode to all iOS users

by Joseph K. Clark

YouTube is making good on its promise to bring picture-in-picture viewing to iOS users. TechCrunch reports that YouTube promises PiP viewing to all iPhone and iPad users in the US, starting with volunteers using Premium. You’ll have to opt into the test through the experiment’s website on your computer, but you’re all set after that — you can watch clips in a floating window while you check your social networks or otherwise get things done. Premium testing ends on October 31st. You might have to reinstall the YouTube app if the feature isn’t available right away.

iOS users

The company hasn’t said when it plans to enable PiP for non-Premium subscribers. This is still a step forward, mind you. YouTube’s web-only support was limited at best — this should expand the audience and put YouTube’s app more on par with competing video services.

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