YouTube makes it easy to try out experimental features on Android

by Joseph K. Clark

Source: Alex Dobie / Android Central

YouTube isn’t shy about experimenting with new features in its app, and now users will be able to try them out with just a click of a button from the mobile app.

Android Police spotted a new banner in the YouTube app for Premium subscribers that gives them quick access to experimental features. It can be found in the YouTube app under “Your Premium benefits” and a little section inviting you to “try new features.”

So far, it appears that two features are available for users to try out; one that allows comments to be translated with the tap of a button, and another that enables picture-in-picture mode for iOS users.

The page notes that users can only try out one feature at a time, although it should be an easy choice for someone with any of the best Android phones, seeing as how picture-in-picture is already available for the platform.

Youtube Watching Video

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iOS users, on the other hand, should note some limitations of the picture-in-picture mode, such as the inability to keep a video playing while the screen is locked.

These new features are also only available for a limited time. Comment translations will only be trialed until September 9, while PiP will end on October 31.

Previously, users would have to head over to a specific YouTube portal to flip on experimental features. Still, this way makes it easier to access them from a smartphone and provide feedback.

Google recently rolled out several new YouTube search features for the app, allowing users to jump straight into certain parts of videos via a chapter list under the video thumbnail, as well as some automatic translations of video titles and descriptions.

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