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by Joseph K. Clark

Yo-Kai Express is known for autonomous restaurant technology for venues like office campuses, malls, and hotels. As people stay home because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company introduces an intelligent home cooking appliance with multiple functions. Called Takumi, it includes a coffee maker, high induction cooktop, and a steamer for sanitizing utensils and baby bottles. Takumi is connected by RFID to an app with preprogrammed recipes, sending alerts when its water container is running low. The company is currently presenting Takumi at CES’ Taiwan Tech Arena.

 Express introduces

If you live in the Bay Area, you might have seen Yo-Kai Express’s Octo-Chef. This vending machine serves hot noodle dishes (ramen, udon, and pho) in venues like the San Francisco International Airport, the Metreon mall in San Francisco, and corporate campuses. But the company is adapting as people stay home. In April, it launched a home meal kit delivery service that is now available in all states.

Created for people who want a home-cooked meal but are short on time (and space), Takumi’s preprogrammed recipes have cooking times of just twopreprogrammedtes. Yo-Kai Express is known for noodle dishes, but the Takumi’s menu will include rice bowls, dim sum, dumplings, and pasta.

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