Windows 11 intends to take PC gaming to the next level

by Joseph K. Clark

I love to play games on my Windows 10 PC, but it seems that gaming will get even better with Windows 11, as this new version of Windows was made for gamers since gaming is part of what Windows is all about

Microsoft has recently announced several changes and upgrades that will boost your gaming experience with the arrival of Windows 11. As a result, we will get superior graphics, impressive speeds, and a fantastic selection of games. For starters, we will get automatic HDR support on devices that provide this feature, which means that Windows will automatically improve your games’ lighting effects, and colors to HDR. This feature was first introduced on Microsoft’s gaming consoles. And of course, got praise from tons of users, as it improved the way their games appeared on their displays, so games like Age of Empires, Doom 64, and more will be automatically enhanced without the need for the developer or the player to intervene, as it will just work.

gaming to the next level

Windows 11 will also give us blazing speed. Games will launch faster than ever, thanks to Direct Storage. A feature that Microsoft first introduced in the latest Xbox Series X and Series S. This feature allows games to quickly load assets onto the graphics card without affecting the performance of the CPU, reducing load times. But maybe the best part is that now Windows Game Pass comes in Windows 11, which means you will be able to play hundreds of games for a low monthly fee. And with Xbox cloud gaming integrated, you will be able to play any game on any PC. And if you find any match you want to keep, you can also buy it from the Xbox App with just the click of a button, and you can game with any gaming peripheral you want, as Windows supports almost anything you can think of.

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