Why I switched from a Pixel to a Galaxy S21 after years of rejecting Samsung

by Joseph K. Clark

I just couldn’t deal with the Pixel 4’s poor battery life any longer. That’s something you’ve probably heard before, either in real space or written on the internet, because the phone really does have the worst battery life of any product since the battery was invented in 250 BC. Seriously, though, it is terrible. Really bad.

I hated to do it because I thought everything else about the phone was marvelous and that it was still one of the best Android phones I’ve used. Of course, it was only significant when it had enough juice to stay powered on. I first moved to the OnePlus 8 and was really digging it but had problems with Google Fi and activation. I did what any tech writer would do in this situation and just got another phone instead of figuring it out with Fi tech support.

switched from a Pixel

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And now, for the first time since the Galaxy S7, I’m using a Samsung phone. I don’t hate it. I don’t quite love everything about it, but it’s a damn great little phone, and I’m actually glad I switched. ?

Here’s what I love about it

The “regular” Galaxy S21 is the perfect size for me. I hate tall skinny phones and while the Galaxy S21 is tall and thin compared to phones built before silly 2-ish by one aspect ratios became a thing, it’s not ungodly tall and huge like so many other phones made today. It fits in my pocket, and I can use it with one hand. These are must-have features for me. It’s the right size and has the best display I’ve ever seen.

The screen is to die for. Samsung makes excellent displays that almost every great phone uses, but it holds back the very best for itself. The S21 leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to the 120Hz HDR10+ Dynamic AMOLED display. I thought the screen on the Pixel 4 was good. This is amazing.

I love the way it’s built. The back is plastic, but it’s extruded in some way that makes it feel silky and textured without any give if you push on it. I really don’t care if the back of my phone is glass or aluminum or ceramic or plastic as long as it feels perfect while I’m holding it. Finally, that camera bump/housing/wrap-around thingy looks pretty damn cool, and I dig it.

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