What is Mobile IP?

by Joseph K. Clark

Mobile IP is a communication protocol created by extending the Internet protocol, IP. The full name of Mobile IP is Mobile Internet Protocol. It is also called MIP. It is a standard communication protocol that mobile users can move from one network to another via a permanent IP address. The IP address of the users does not change when moving to another network. It has been defined in the internet engineering task force (IETF) RFC 2002.

Mobile IP is based on internet protocol, so it is scalable to the Internet. Any media that supports IP can also support mobile IP.

Element Mobile IP ( Components Of Mobile IP)

  1. Mobile Node (MN)
  2. Home Agent (HA)
  3. Foreign Agent (FA)
  4. Home Network (HN)
  5. Foreign Network (FN)
  6. Corresponding Node (CN)
  7. Care-of Address (COA)

Mobile Node

A mobile node is a device or a user or a router that can often change the state of its network without altering its original IP address. Examples of mobile nodes are cell phones, personal digital assistants (PDA), laptops, etc. Mobile Node has roaming facilities.

Mobile IP

Home Agent

A home agent is a router in a home network. It acts as an anchor point for communication with the mobile node. Which helps in communicating with the mobile node. It stores the mobile nodes’ complete information, sending the data through a tunnel through the correspondent node to the roaming mobile node.

Foreign Agent

A foreign agent is a router that provides many services, such as tunneling a data node whenever a mobile node moves into a foreign network. Then the home agent sends the IP address to the care-of-address; after that, the care-of-address sends it to the foreign agent, and finally, the foreign agent sends this IP address to the mobile device.

Home Network

The home network is the base station network; this network does not require any mobile IP support.

Foreign Network

All the networks except the home network, which have a registered IP in the mobile node, are called foreign networks.

Corresponding Node

Partner nodes that are used for communication with mobile nodes are called corresponding nodes.

Care of address

It is a temporary address used by a mobile node when it goes out of its home network.

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