What is a server: How it works?

by Emma

In ancient times, it used to take many hours, weeks, months or even years to send information from one place to another, but today it takes very less time to send or receive your information not only in the country but also abroad. Everything is possible through internet and server, so let us know about the server in detail, why the server is necessary and what is its utility 

What is a server?

A server is a computer that serves other computers and users. A server is a system that stores information and helps to exchange information through the Internet and transfer data frequently when needed. Many of us have often heard and everyone will also know that when a person goes to a bank, it is said by the bank employees that right now your work cannot be done when the bank employee is asked the reason for not working. So it is said by them that the server is down or not working, when the server starts functioning smoothly, then your work will be done, that is, you can transact money. 

Similarly, when a student goes to a cyber cafe to get his / her form filled and his / her form is not filled up, the student is asked that he or she cannot fill your form due to the server down. And youtube videos are opened on opening, then all these data must be somewhere the store which opens immediately after playing and we can easily see it

What are the types of servers?

Depending on the situation, different servers can be used to do the same task or different servers can also be used to do different tasks, so let us know what are the types of servers.

Email Server

An email is a modern form of sending letters. It is used almost everywhere. You are also using an email service like Gmail Hotmail. Every day millions of emails are sent and received, but you must have seen that all these emails are safe on your email account and sometimes you open them You can see the e-mail server helps in sending and receiving messages, as well as keeping the storage data saved and giving a lot of space in it, all the messages are saved in it.


The data of all the websites on the internet is stored in the webserver, it requires a host computer, you need to have a little knowledge of hosting. 

What is web hosting?

Suppose you do a business and you need a shop or store to keep all the goods or merchandise of your business, similarly any material you keep on your website like Video, Photo or Text Article A storage is required to keep everyone on the Internet, now a computer is connected to the Internet and kept on 24 hours and all your content is stored on it is called Host Computer or Web Host and this The process is called Web Hosting

That is a computer that stores a web page is called a web server. The web page is available for other people to see only when it is on the webserver, ie the webserver is a computer that stores the data of the website. It is a computer program Which also distributes web pages 

Identity Server

Identity server is for the registered user to login and secures it.

FTP Servers

The FTP server is used to transfer files from one computer to another, its full form file transfer protocol is FTP, is a very old protocol and is still used today.

Telnet Servers

Through this telnet server, a user can log in to a computer and do the work very easily.

Proxy Servers

Often a proxy server is used to gain experience, filter out requests and share connections.

News Servers

News Servers are used to share and deliver news, as this technique is used by a large number of people in almost all countries of the world.

How does the server go down?

The only function of the server is to provide the requested information when it is not able to provide the information, then the information is not available by it at the time it is called server down, that means you are requesting a task on a web site It is not possible, in such a situation, Servers Not Found is written on the website, in addition to this there may be more reasons for server down such as Network Problems, Power Failures, Application Crash etc.

How does the server work?

It is very easy to know how the server does its work but its process is very difficult. We understand how the server works through an example like the name of that site for us to search any site. You have to type immediately after that the browser will contact the server hosting that site and request to see the website on that browser. 

Similarly, the browser divides the ULR you have entered into three parts, the first part is http, which is called the protocol, the second part is the server name or website name, which we also know by the domain name and the third file. Is the name of the person who has been opened by you, it can be a page or a post, after that the browser changes all the information of that website to an IP address. You should also know that each website has its own different IP address which is different from everyone. 

This is the reason that you reach any website you want to visit, immediately after that the browser and server are connected to each other and any information you need to get is made available immediately without delay.

How to connect FTP Client to Servers?

FTP Client is used for transferring data from any internet website, FTP Client software is easily available in a large amount of free information on the Internet, after connecting it to the server through the IP address of the server. Data can be transferred very easily
I think you must have understood better what a server is and what it is and how it works.

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