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Prepaid carriers have been able to provide laser-focused mobile service that the Big Three postpaid carriers can’t match. Ultra Mobile has zeroed in on people that want to stay in contact with family and friends in other countries while still offering great value and service for a connected generation. Whether you just need a basic service with talk and text or want plenty of data for streaming, social media, and video calls, Ultra Mobile has an option for you.

Super Flexible

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Ultra Mobile

A plan for everyone

Ultra Mobile has an option for just about any customer whether they need a ton of data or just need to be able to call internationally.

What is Ultra Mobile?

Ultra Mobile is an MVNO using T-Mobile’s network that has a specific focus on offering great service options for those that wish to connect frequently with friends or family around the world. Ultra Mobile also offers competitive rates for data whether you want to buy a single month of service or up to a year. Ultra Mobile is found in many retailers across the country, including many international stores, as well as online. Using the T-Mobile network allows Ultra Mobile to support a ton of world devices as well as most unlocked devices made for the U.S. market.

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Ultra Mobile’s service plans

T-Mobile 5G network on the OnePlus 7T Pro

Source: Andrew Martonik / Android Central

Ultra Mobile has both single-month plans and multi-month plans depending on what you are able to pay for upfront. There are a few differences between the two sets of plans beyond the price, however, starting with international calling and roaming credits. The single-month unlimited plan also gets more data before throttling at 50GB compared to 32GB on the multi-month option. Limited data on unlimited plans isn’t exclusive to Ultra Mobile but is a consideration for heavy users. Still, either option is well above what people typically use and there are no overage fees.

Ultra Mobile’s Single-Month Plans

PlanBase PriceAuto-Recharge discountTalk and TextHotspotInternational credit
Unlimited (50GB)$49$10 (New customer)UnlimitedIncluded$5.00 calling
$5.00 roaming
15GB$39$4UnlimitedIncluded$5.00 calling
$5.00 roaming
5GB$29$2UnlimitedIncluded$5.00 calling
$5.00 roaming
2GB$23$2UnlimitedIncluded$1.50 calling
$5.00 roaming
1GB$19$2UnlimitedIncluded$1.50 calling
$5.00 roaming
Talk and Text only$16$2Unlimited
No MMS or iMessage
With data add-onNone

Ultra Mobile has a fairly wide range of plans depending on what you need with international features on most of them. Additional high-speed data can be added to these plans at 1GB for $10 and 3GB for $20. You can also add international roaming credit in $5, $10, and $20 increments. Add-ons can be purchased by signing into your online account, calling support, or by text on your Ultra Mobile phone. The single-month unlimited plan may also be subject to deprioritization after 1GB of usage.

Speaking of international credits, all of Ultra Mobile’s plans include unlimited talk to more than 80 countries so your credits will only need to be used when calling countries not supported. The 80 regions include some of the most popular destinations such as Canada, Mexico, China, the United Kingdom, and South Korea. Visit Ultra Mobile’s international calling page to find the rates for more destinations.

If you know you’ll be sticking with Ultra Mobile for a while, you can save some money by signing up for a multi-month plan. Multi-month plans include calling to the same 80+ international destinations and hotspot capability. These plans lack any included international credits so those must be purchased separately if needed. The unlimited plan will also have video streams dropped to SD quality much of the time.

Ultra Mobile’s Multi-Month Plans

Plan size3 month6 months12 months
Unlimited (32GB)$46/mo. ($138)$45/mo. ($270)$40/mo. ($480)
6GB$28/mo. ($84)$27/mo. ($162)$25/mo. ($300)
3GB$22/mo. ($66)$21/mo. ($126)$20/mo. ($240)
1GB$16/mo. ($48)$15/mo. ($90)$10/mo. ($120)

The best value Ultra Mobile plan for most people will be one of the multi-month data plans at 3GB or 6GB. If you need a lot of data, the unlimited plan is still a competitive rate even compared to carriers without international features. Just keep in mind that the multi-month unlimited plan comes with less data at 32GB compared to 50GB on the single-month plan. Still, it’s great to see a pure talk and text plan with international calling included.

Ultra Mobile is one of the best choices for a new or temporary resident in the U.S. thanks to included support for international calling. Ultra Mobile also has a tourist SIM available directly from T-Mobile stores. Whether you only need a few weeks or several months, Ultra Mobile has a great option available.

Ultra’s uTalk is a $10 add-on feature that’s compatible with all Ultra Mobile plans. UTalk adds 39 international calling destinations with up to 1250 minutes included. If you are looking for calling support to more countries and don’t want to worry about adding calling credit, uTalk is a great addition.

Ultra Mobile uTalk Destinations

Source: Ultra MobileUltra Mobile uTalk destinations

Ultra Mobile Tourist is a SIM designed specifically for those visiting the United States. It comes with 3GB of high-speed data on the T-Mobile network, unlimited domestic talk, and text, and well 100 minutes of calling to Ultra’s 80+ international destinations just like its other plans. This SIM lasts just three weeks, or 21 days, but should be a great fit for those that want to be in control of their phone service while visiting the U.S. as well as getting access to a U.S. phone number which can make things like booking reservations a whole lot easier.

Ultra’s Flex plan isn’t as simple as Ultra’s other plans but can be a good fit for someone that doesn’t need much data and wants to make a lot of calls to one of Ultra’s Flex 15 Destinations. Unlimited calling is available to Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Israel, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, and the United Kingdom. Unlimited nationwide talk and text are included as well as 500MB of high-speed data with rollover.

Flex starts at $22 per month but can be reduced down to $12.50 if you either pay for four months upfront or bring four lines. Data with rollover can be added as well at $5 for 500MB, $10 for 1GB, $20 for 2GB, $45 for 5GB, and $80 for 10GB. With these discounted data prices and rollover, Ultra Flex can be a great value for those that need this specific set of features.

Coverage and 5G

The T-Mobile network has some of the best coverage around with the largest 5G network with continued investment bringing 5G coverage to over 280 million people. Compared to the other carriers T-Mobile’s 5G is available to more people and has great spectrum capacity thanks to its 2.5GHz Band N41. T-Mobile’s LTE coverage is also quite strong though it falls short compared to its main rivals. In reality, most people should be covered by this network the vast majority of the time but if you find yourself in a rural area, you may encounter dead zones.

How does Ultra Mobile stack up?

Mint Mobile Speed Test

Source: Samuel Contreras / Android Central

Prepaid, data-focused carriers are springing up all over but one of the closest comparisons is Mint Mobile vs. Ultra Mobile. This is no accident as Ultra Mobile is Mint Mobile’s parent company and the two share a lot of DNA. If you don’t need all of the international features included with Ultra’s plans, Mint Mobile is a great alternative.

Google Fi is another carrier with great international features but Fi focuses more on international travel with its data rates carrying over to hundreds of countries. Google Fi also supports eSIM on a handful of the best Android phones such as the Pixel 5 allowing for easier configuration of multiple SIMs if you have a phone number for another country.

Finally, Visible is a low-cost unlimited plan that uses Verizon’s network. Visible has very few international features apart from free calling to a handful of countries including Canada and Mexico. Still, you get great coverage in the U.S. with unlimited data including hotspot support if you’re trying to get by without paying for home Wi-Fi. Visible costs $40 per month with the option of bringing the cost down to $25 per month when you sign up for Visible’s Party Pay feature.

Compatible phones

Samsung Galaxy S21 vs. Galaxy S21 Ultra

Source: Hayato Huseman / Android Central

Ultra Mobile uses T-Mobile’s LTE and 5G network for its coverage meaning the vast majority of unlocked phones will work. That includes most if not all of the best Android phones. If you want access to 5G, your phone will need to support T-Mobile’s 5G bands, however that’s most 5G phones sold in the past year. You can check your IMEI when you sign up for service with Ultra Mobile. If you want to be sure you have the best possible 5G support, make sure your phone supports T-Mobile’s Band n71 and Band n41.

Finally, if you want, you can buy a phone directly from Ultra Mobile’s website. This includes most of the best phones you can get such as the Galaxy S21 series, Google Pixel 5, and OnePlus 8 Pro. You can also get choose from a range of iPhones including the 11 series, 12 series, and SE. Phones purchased through Ultra Mobile’s web store can be financed with Affirm.

Super Flexible

Ultra Mobile Logo

Ultra Mobile

A plan for everyone

Ultra Mobile has an option for just about any customer whether they need a ton of data or just need to be able to call internationally.

Ultra Mobile Deals

Ultra Mobile’s single-month unlimited plan is currently available for $39 per month with auto-renewal. This offer is available to new customers that sign up online. You can also save $4 per month on the 15GB single-month plan when with automatic renewal. The smaller plans can save $2 per month.

Ultra Mobile also has a referral program so you can earn a $10 bill credit for each friend that signs up. They must sign up using your specific link generated once you have your Ultra Mobile service activated and the credit won’t appear until 30 days after activation. You can earn up to $100 per year.


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