UGREEN’s HiTune T2 earbuds will make you wonder why AirPods cost so much

by Joseph K. Clark

Apple’s AirPods have been exceedingly popular since they first hit the market, but they’ve also been quite expensive. And if you want premium features, like wireless charging, you’ve got to pay even more beyond the price of the base AirPods. Or, you could go with the UGREEN HiTune T2 Low Latency True Wireless earbuds.

With UGREENs’s HiTune T2 earbuds, you get versatility. Since these are truly wireless earbuds, you aren’t stuck with a wire running between them, and you can opt to just use either earbud on its own if you’d prefer to be able to hear your surroundings. Thanks to the low 60 milliseconds of latency with these earbuds, you also can reliably use them for movies and games, in addition to music and podcasts, since the low latency will help ensure your audio is ideally in sync with your video.


UGREEN also has a unique feature for gamers with Gaming Mode in addition to its music mode, offering a 3D sound profile and targeted optimization towards footsteps and gunshots that can help you pick up enemies even when you can’t see them on your screen.

Don’t worry about missing out on sound quality, either. The HiTune T2 earbuds feature large, 14.2mm dynamic drivers and PU and titanium-coated diaphragms. This can produce crisp, clear audio on the high end as well as impactful bass. And, with support for the AAC codec, you’ll get to stream high-quality audio over Bluetooth from your iPhone.

It’s not just your audio that’s getting a boost but also the audio for people you call while using the HiTune 2 earbuds. By using four MEMS microphones and a unique digital signal processing algorithm, the earbuds can eliminate background noises in your call, so it’s just your voice coming through loud and clear.

These earbuds are built to give you a total of 20 hours of playtime between the internal batteries and extra power in the charging case, giving you enough juice to fly from New York to Rome and back without running out of control. Better still, the charging case conveniently supports the newer USB-C connection as well as Qi wireless charging, so it’s easy to keep the battery topped up without needing a bunch of different cables in your life.

For more information and to buy the UGREEN HiTune T2 TWS earbuds, see them on UGREEN’s site or on UGREEN’s YouTube page.

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