Twitter adds Google and Apple ID as log-in and sign-up options

by Joseph K. Clark

Twitter is adding two additional ways for people to log in to their accounts. Starting today, you can use your Google ID to access the service through its web client and mobile app. On iOS, meanwhile, Sign in with Apple now works with the Twitter app, with the company planning to support the service for web logins “soon.” It’s also possible to use both services to create a new Twitter account.

Sign on with ease and start scrolling your timeline.

Now, when you log in or sign up to join the conversation on Twitter, you have the option to use:
▪️ Your Google Account on the app and on the web
▪️ Or your Apple ID on iOS, and soon on web

— Twitter Support (@TwitterSupport) August 2, 2021

Of the two options, Sign in with Apple is the more intriguing one. Apple introduced it at WWDC 2019 as an alternative to login services from Facebook and Google. The company claims that Sign in with Apple prevents tracking. It allows you to hide your email by generating secondary addresses that forward messages from apps and services to your regular inbox.


Either way, Twitter adding support for both Google and Apple IDs should make life a bit easier for new users. But we’ll note here one of the usual things about this feature rollout is that Twitter offers its own login service you can use to access some websites. The internet can sometimes be a weird place.

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