Tips for Throwing Better Holiday Parties

by Joseph K. Clark

When it was time to book your New Year’s Eve countdown party in Melbourne, did you feel like you’d organized a great event? Did everything go according to plan? Sometimes holiday parties don’t turn out the way we hope, and it can be disappointing, but with a few helpful tips, future holiday parties can be better.

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Here are some sure-fire ways to make your future holiday parties better.

1. Book a Great Venue and Early

Everyone knows that the best venues get booked up well in advance. The earlier you can confirm a venue for your holiday party, the better, but you should allow yourself a window of at least 5 or 6 weeks before the planned date of your party. Even for a family occasion, an outside venue is great because it takes the stress away from organizing food and drink and removes the need to clean up after the event!

One of the biggest disappointments in holiday parties is caused by people leaving the job of securing a venue too late and ending up having to make do with a less-than-ideal location. The platform needs to be the right size, offering the right food and drink, easy to find for your guests, and easy to access for those driving.

2. Use a Simple Theme

Party themes that are too elaborate will invariably end in disappointment as people struggle to go along with them. A friendly, simple tune that gives people plenty of scopes to take part in terms of outfits, accessories, or other clothing elements will always be more fun and people more willing to take part. There’s nothing quite so disappointing as arriving at a holiday party to find you’re one of only a tiny handful of people who have bothered to take part in the theme.

3. Create a Special Drink for the Occasion

If your event is being hosted by a location with a great bar, take advantage of that experience and drink resources. Work with the venue to create a unique signature drink for the event. You could name it after the company you work for or after yourself or a member of the family if that works for your particular circumstance.

Signature drinks can help tie together a theme of a party and/or create a fun inside joke for people to enjoy as they get the festivities started.

4. Think About Music and Atmosphere

Music and atmosphere are two key elements that really make or break a holiday party. The atmosphere can be achieved with the proper lighting and decor. Still, it’s much easier if you start with a venue that offers many of these elements to you as standard or at least can create the desired effect with minimum effort (and expense). If you hire a DJ, you need to make sure that they will play the music your attendees will like and get them moving.

With the right combination of festive and mood lighting, as well as some terrific toe-tapping tunes, the party is sure to be a huge success.

5. Don’t Let Special Events Run On, Too Long

It’s common at holiday parties to hold things like a raffle or perhaps some kind of unique game. This can be a fun interlude, but ensure that it doesn’t drag on for too long, whatever it is. For instance, if you are raffling items, interrupt the party to announce the big-ticket items, but anything smaller you can put up on a screen or board. Spending up to an hour announcing raffle prizes can really take the buzz out of a party.

6. The Bigger, the Better

Finally, go big or go home. There are times for smaller, more intimate parties, but the holiday season is not one of them. It’s time for more significant, splashier, and more memorable events. Think big when it comes to the holidays.

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