This $14 Travel Wallet Is One Of The Best Impulse Buys I’ve Made

by Emma

I’ve never lost a passport, phone, or ID at an airport, but I most certainly am the kind of person who might at some point in her life. That’s why, when I stumbled across this $14 passport wallet on Amazon while planning an upcoming trip to London, I knew it was an impulse buy I wouldn’t regret.

Only after I made the purchase did I realize it’s Amazon’s best-selling passport wallet. When I originally wrote about this wallet, it had nearly 4,000 reviews and a 4.5-star rating. Now, less than a year on, it has closer to 7,000 reviews and has maintained its 4.5-star rating, which seems like a fair assessment given the wear and tears it has taken during my own travels, from Iceland to Mexico.

This  Travel Wallet Is One Of The Best Impulse Buys I’ve Made

What I love most about this travel accessory because it has a place for everything ― and I mean everything. I was able to fit all of my credit and debit cards, a pen, my passport, boarding passes, cash, coins, and even my phone into this little guy, no problem. It even has a little hook to secure your keys while traveling, so you truly have everything in one place.

The material isn’t necessarily high-quality — it feels a bit like the material used on school bus seats — but it’s highly durable and waterproof, which you want in something that’s holding your entire travel itinerary, cash, and identification documents.

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