The Morning After – Engadget

by Joseph K. Clark

Amazon dominates online retail. It dominates web services. It’s also a force to be reckoned with on streaming video. It seems to be terrible, though, at making games.

The latest proof is another delay to the lukewarmly, if not hotly anticipated New World MMO game. It was initially set to launch in May 2020. Then August 2020. Then May 2021. Now, it’s August 2021. But who knows? Maybe there’s another delay around the corner.


Fortunately, the studio is part of one of the biggest, most profitable companies on the planet, and its incoming CEO, Andy Jassy, seems to have its back for now. He wrote in an internal email: “Some businesses take off in the first year, and others take many years. I believe we will if we hang in there.”

Amazon is learning what many big tech companies already know: Making it in the games industry takes time. Just ask Google. Or better, ask Microsoft — the last big tech company to make it in gaming.

Elsewhere, the Whitehouse is leaning on tech companies for insight on rolling out the COVID-19 vaccines, and Marvel’s docuseries kicks off with a behind-the-scenes look at WandaVision.

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