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by Joseph K. Clark

NVIDIA has set a release date for the, but the wait won’t be the biggest challenge. The $329 mid-tier GPU, the first at this price to feature ray tracing, will be available on February 25th at 12PM ET. However, you won’t be able to pick up a Founders Edition this time and will have to settle for a third-party video card. While some Reddit users have been able to grab the GPU as it inadvertently appeared on store shelves early in Europe and Asia, the challenge will be finding the RTX 3060 in stock. NVIDIA has been dealing with GPU shortages for months due to a surge of cryptocurrency mining and limited demand.

That’s why it, just to have something available. The company is re-releasing older GPUs, including the GTX 1050 Ti and the RTX 2060, to its partners, but it has pointed out that both cards were not technically at the end of their life, “so ‘reviving’ seems like the wrong terminology to use here,” it said. Of course.


What if you want a more up-to-date GPU? Production isn’t expected to improve until late April. Elsewhere in tech, we’ve got the latest iPhone rumors, a new Chevy Bolt, and automakers that aren’t afraid of Apple.

Chevy’s 2022 redesign isn’t just an update to the Bolt EV’s features and capabilities; it includes a new, SUV-sized variant dubbed the Bolt EUV. Under the hood, the 2022 Bolt EV and EUV are functionally similar. They use the same 65W, 288-cell lithium-ion battery pack, and identical single front 200 HP (150kW) electric motor. Differences come from the form factor. The Bolt EUV offers its passengers a longer wheelbase, more headspace, and higher ride height. It is also the first Chevy vehicle to provide it’s Super Cruise hands-free driver assist feature, allowing hands-free driving along some 200,000 miles of mapped North American roads. Continue reading.

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