The Google Pixel 5a has been canceled due to the global chip shortage

by Joseph K. Clark

The Google Pixel 5a is dead. The upcoming mid-range smartphone was expected to be launched at this year’s Google I/O developer conference, but apparently, the global chip shortage has seen its demise. The report comes from known leaker Jon Prosser, and the information has been confirmed twice by Android Central.

global chip shortage

Unfortunately, the global chip shortage has been causing more problems for smartphone manufacturers, with reports that it has been affecting Samsung’s smartphone production. Not to mention how it’s affecting the output of the PS5.

The Google Pixel 5a was set to be one of this year’s best cheap Android phones. Still, sources tell Android Central that engineers will continue to focus on the Google Pixel 4a 5G for software testing and sales in the foreseeable future. That makes sense since the Pixel 5a was likely based on the same hardware from the 4a 5G. It also means we’re going to have to wait until fall to get a new Pixel smartphone.

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This no doubt throws Google’s hardware plans for a loop. Since the company is reportedly working on its own in-house chip for the Google Pixel 6, it likely wants to put all of its resources there. Let’s just hope that Google can make its next flagship powerful and affordable enough to make up for the loss of the 5a.<img src=”” alt=”Here’s the real reason iMessage isn’t available on Android” srcset=” 300w,&#10; 200w,&#10; 100w” data-size=”4x3small” sizes=”150px” loading=”lazy”/>

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