The Best USB microphones for Mac

by Joseph K. Clark

Over the past year, we’ve had to adapt to a brand new lifestyle and find new ways to efficiently manage and get work done from home. Since offices had a lot of computers already installed at the workplace, many of us were forced to buy new computers. While you may have picked up the best Mac that was available at the time, you may have forgotten about buying a microphone, a case to protect it from scratches, or even a Macbook stand for your new purchase. That’s okay though, you were busy, and so were we.


Most laptops have a good microphone, but they’re often too mushy and don’t provide a great overall experience. The new Macbooks offer decent sound quality, but they’re also not the best if there’s a bit of background noise as it can pick up on it very quickly. Today, we’re taking a look at some of the best USB microphones you can pick up right now. Some of the equipment is cheap and affordable, while some offer a full-on professional-sounding experience and functionality.

    The Blue Yeti is used by both professionals and beginners. It has 4 pickup patterns, a headphone output, and volume/gain control. It has everything you need.
    It has all of the functionality you could ask for, and it’s an excellent all-rounder device that simply does it all. It’s perfect for conference calls, gaming, and podcasting.
    It’s one of the most portable and best sounding microphones on the cheap. It has all the functionality you need if you’re just starting out or want to step up your game/conference calls.
    It’s one of the best microphones if you want to carry it with you as it’s compact enough that it can fit in a backpack easily.
    The software offers additional features and several enhancements for a better streaming experience.
    It’s one of the most affordable microphones and one of the best-rated ones. Some of your favorite content creators also started out with this microphone.
    It’s one of the best budget microphones on the market. It has a crisp, clear sound and a study metal build for a premium feel.
    It has the same build and sound quality as the HyperX QuadCast, but it has RGB explicitly aimed at gamers. If a solid red color isn’t your thing, this will surely fit your setup.
    It might not look as elegant as the others, but it’s far more minimal. It’s a basic plug & play microphone with great 360-degree sensitivity.
    It features a plug & plays design, and it’s easy to install. It even comes with a pop filter, so you don’t need to buy other accessories separately.
    If this type of microphone is your style, this is the most affordable one that offers the best overall sounding experience with impressive results.
    If you want a compact microphone and can be hidden, this plug & play provides excellent audio quality at a low price.

These are some of the best USB microphones we can find today at a price range that’s affordable and not too expensive for most people. We decided to exclude the professional microphones as they’re often out of reach for most people, and let’s be honest, there’s really no need to spend four digits on a microphone for a quick Zoom call.

The list includes all types of microphones, including the condenser ones, some of the “announcement” ones you see at supermarkets, and of course, the lavalier. There are quite a few options listed, but rest assured, these are the best-reviewed ones, and personal consideration played a significant part in picking these items to ens you get the best quality at the best price.

As a personal suggestion, I would recommend the Blue Yeti microphone. I have used it for conference calls, occasional gaming with friends, and content creation for YouTube. It’s one of the best microphones that I’ve ever used and has all the features that I would need, perhaps even more than I’ll ever use. If your budget is more limited, the Razer Seiren, Snowball iCE, and FIFINE are the best budget ones you should consider, assuming you want those types of devices.

Roland Udvarlaki

Roland is a technology enthusiast and software engineer based in the United Kingdom.

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