The Best of Brain Pickings 2020 – Brain Pickings

by Joseph K. Clark

A glance over the shoulder of time reveals the patterns, themes, and ideas that steady us and shelter us in the tempest of life.

Like every year, this annual glance over the shoulder of time is a composite of the essays that most resonated with readers and those I most enjoyed writing. The overlap is always significant but always the Venn diagram of a partial eclipse rather than a perfect totality.

Even more so than other years, in this particularly trying year, it has been curious to observe the patterns that emerge across those ideas, themes, and regions of being that most sustain us in times of crisis: love, trees, poetry, creativity, the stubborn insistence on living in the face of loss, the constancy of nature’s consolations, the revivifying passion for going on making, going on loving, going on living.

Brain Pickings

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Complement with the year’s most nourishing books.

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