Statuses and Rollout Board: New Addition to Split

by Joseph K. Clark

Split has announced new functionality in its platform: Statuses and Rollout board. This addition is designed to help software development teams move with incredible speed, safety, and data-driven focus. These new updates are intended to make it easier for teams to collaborate on releases and manage their feature flags and experiments at scale. 

With Statuses, teams can assign a feature to the stage in testing, for example, the release process. This, according to the company, saves the time of having to dig into its configuration when checking the status for any flag or experiment. 

Rollout Board

The Rollout board visualizes the release process by status; whenever a feature flag has a group assigned, the banner will automatically appear on the board. This allows teams to know what to do next to never forget to update or remove a feature flag. Here, the team can access the number of days since a status was last updated, traffic received across environments, and outstanding alert notifications and approval requests. 

When teams manage several releases at once, the Statuses and Rollout board can help streamline feature delivery. This allows for keeping flags up to date while quickly determining the right next steps for any given feature. This new product update also allows release teams to easily manage and collaborate on different feature flags and experiments, all from the exact location. On top of this, the Statuses and Rollout board help to reduce technical debt by safely and promptly retiring feature flags once the features are fully released. This prevents new banners from piling up in the codebase.

Statuses and Rollout board also expand the Split Platform’s governance capabilities, ensuring security and compliance throughout the feature delivery life cycle. This allows developers to stay informed and get peer feedback with approval flows as different features make it to production, are tested on internal teams, and are finally released to real users. 

As flags and experiments multiply, Statuses and Rollout board can help teams keep track and make sure releases stay on schedule. In addition, the teams will be notified of any approval requests or alert notifications that come about to ensure they receive the proper attention.  

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