Spotify tests a cheaper, ad-supported subscription for as little as $1 a month

by Joseph K. Clark

Source: Joe Maring / Android Central

A new Spotify subscription tier has been spotted, and it could entice many users to sign up and forgo the free version. Spotify Plus is an ad-supported tier that looks to be a mix between free Spotify and the subscription-based version. One of the most significant limitations with the free version on the best Android phones is that users can’t play individual tracks from albums and most playlists, only left with the shuffle option.

Spotify Plus could lift that restriction, giving users free rein to not only play individual songs but skip tracks as often as they like. However, they will still be subject to the occasional ads. Spotify first spoke to The Verge and later confirmed the trial with Android Central, saying that the new tier is tested with select few users.

We’re currently conducting a test of an ad-supported subscription plan with a limited number of our users. Some tests end up paving the way for new offerings or enhancements, while others may only provide learnings. While the company could not share specifics, a spokesperson did say that users are “randomly offered the product at various price points.” A screenshot obtained by The Verge shows Spotify Plus being offered for as little as $0.99 per month, which is a pretty enticing offer for those that have not opted into the regular $9.99 monthly subscription.

ad-supported subscription

Spotify isn’t the only company trying out new ad-supported tiers. HBO Max recently launched its own ad-supported subscription as a cheaper alternative to the regular deck found along with the platform in 2020. Users get access to many of the same features but with ads sprinkled about between movies or episodes. For now, Spotify Plus remains a test, and there’s no knowing whether or not it will roll out to more users as a final product offering.

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