Sephora Spring Savings Event for April 2021: Dates & Codes!

by Joseph K. Clark

SEPHORA’s Spring Savings Event for 2021SEPHORA’s Spring Savings Event for 2021 kicks off in early April. It’s open to all Insiders (and you can still join now to get access to the event in April), and the discount depends on your Insider tier.

You’ll be able to use the code OMGSPRING as many times as you’d like during the dates for your tier! The discount ranges from 10% (Insiders) to 15% (VIBs) to 20% (Rouges) and applies to just about everything (see the fine print below for exclusions/restrictions).

Sephora Spring

When can Rouges shop? What is the Rouge discount? Rouges get 20% off from April 9th through April 19th.

When can VIBs shop? What is the VIB discount? VIBs get 15% off from April 13th through April 19th.

When can Insiders shop? What is the Insider discount? Insiders get 10% off from April 15th through April 19th.

Also, if you are a credit cardholder, you’ll get 2X credit card rewards on purchases made with that card between April 9th and April 19th!

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