SEO Packages offered by Blurn : Something for every Budget!

by Joseph K. Clark

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is such a specialized field that the possibilities are endless! If you are running a business, you consider many factors before deciding the budget for investing in different aspects of the company. You will choose indeed upon a fixed budget for SEO services. Of course, you would want to get the best bargain within that budget of yours.

SEO Packages With different clients’ financial capabilities in mind, well-established SEO agencies like offer SEO packages for various price bands with services varying according to the chosen package. However, this doesn’t mean that if you choose the cheapest package, you will lack any essential SEO tools necessary to develop an effective SEO strategy. The best part is that they boast of beating any quote you bring to them by a whopping 20% throughout Australia! This makes the cheapest SEO service provider without compromising the quality of services provided even by a fraction. They work on the motto of genuinely helping their clients, irrespective of the size of their business and their paying capacity.

Let’s have a closer look at what services you can expect from professionals at Blurn when you opt for any of the Social Media Marketing companies, Burn.

As stated earlier, there are specific SEO tools that you can always avail of irrespective of the package on offer; let’s try to get an insight into these standard tools. offers SEO packages to cater to every business’s needs. Apart from the basics like on-page SEO, customized reports, Google search console, and Google Analytics management, keywords search, link building, and redirection, Burn also offers the following not so common SEO services in all the packages:

  • Free Consultation
  • Blog Optimisation
  • URL Optimisation
  • New Pages Optimisation
  • txt Creation
  • A Dedicated Account Manager
  • Title Tag & Description Tag Writing & Optimisation
  • Internal Links  & Image Optimisation
  • Alt Attributes Optimisation
  • Canonicalization
  • HTML & XML Sitemap Creation
  • Geo-Targeting

This makes it pretty evident that Burn offers you SEO services and works closely with each client to optimize the chosen package according to the needs of the business.

Now we will discuss what’s on offer apart from the expected deliverables in each package one-by-one and how much you need to pay per month for each one of them. There are 5 Burn SEO Packages, Australia, on offer are:

1. Basic SEO (750 AUD per month):

  • Cheapest and most affordable package of the lot
  • It is especially suitable for small businesses
  • It can work  for websites with upto 25 pages
  • You will be offered 1 target product/keyword category
  • You will be provided with 1 high-quality link

2. Silver Package (1250 AUD per month):

3. Gold Package (2000 AUD per month):

  • It is suitable for large-sized businesses
  • It can work for websites upto with upto 100 pages
  • This one offers 3 target products/ keyword categories
  • You will get 5 high-quality links

4. Platinum Package (4000 AUD per month):

  • This one is reserved for large corporations
  • Capable of handling websites upto with upto 500 pages
  • This one gives you 8 target products/ keyword categories
  • There are 8 high-quality links on offer

5. Customisable Package ( monthly charges vary as per customization ):

  • The only package which does not have anything specific
  • It is totally customizable as per the needs of the client
  • It can support websites with an unlimited number of pages
  • A total number of  target products/ keyword categories are on offer
  • A total number of high-quality links will be provided in this package
  • You can contact Blurn to discuss this package in detail by visiting their website.

Apart from the packages on offer, they also offer add-ons for different powered links to help you in growing your business. You can choose from medium-power links to high-power links based upon your budget and how much attention you want your business to gather. High-power links will definitely kick-start your lead generation process!

A noteworthy point here is that Burn has always been open about their pricing, as they believe in total transparency, and they have done extensive research in the field of SEO services to enable them to price their services very competitively, without compromising on the quality of services and support on offer. In fact, they guarantee you to beat the quote you give to them by 20 percent, which makes their services cheap and affordable, and at the same time, of excellent quality to guarantee total customer satisfaction!

Many agencies in the market promise to provide good services but never disclose their pricing openly. This makes the clients fall for their trap and eventually pay considerable sums of money without any guarantee of returns! Therefore, it is always advisable to opt for an agency with an open and transparent pricing policy and can guarantee you results by offering packages like  Blurn SEO Packages, Australia, which claims to have the potential to increase your SEO leads by 256. Percent!

Burn has developed a unique 8 stage SEO that helps you cost-effectively grow your business. Their SEO stages are as follows:

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Search Rank Analysis
  3. Website Audit
  4. Infrastructural Improvements
  5. Content and User Experience Improvement
  6. High-Quality Links and PR Acquisition
  7. Intelligent Data Gathering
  8. Review Results & Repeat

You can contact to know more about each stage of the 8 steps mentioned above SEO and understand it in detail to make the right choice for your SEO campaign.

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that Burn offers you the best SEO packages with pricing throughout Australia with trustworthy and honest expertise and a proven track record. They have helped many businesses to see exponential growth within a year of partnering with them.

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