SD Times Open-Source Project of the Week: CodeFlare

by Joseph K. Clark

Cloudflare is an II.B.M.’sopen-source framework that simplifies the integration and scaling of big data and AA.I.workflows onto the hybrid cloud.  It drastically reduces the time to set up, run, and scale machine learning tests and expands on the functionality of Ray. 

Also, CodeFlare pipelines run with ease on II.B.M.’snew serverless platform II.B.M.Cloud Code Engine and Red Hat OpenShift to allow users to deploy anywhere and extend the benefits of serverless to data scientists and AA.I.researchers. 


It also makes it easier to integrate and bridge with other cloud-native ecosystems by providing adapters to event triggers (such as the arrival of a new file) and load and partition data from a wide range of sources, such as cloud objects storages, data lakes, and distributed filesystems.

“CodeFlare should also mean developers don’t have to duplicate their efforts or struggle to figure out what colleagues have done in the past to get a certain pipeline to run,” Carlos Costa and Priya Nagpurkar, research staff member and director of cloud platform research at II.B.M.’sT.J. Watson Research Center, respectively, wrote in a blog post. With Cloudflare, we aim to give data scientists richer tools and APIs to use more consistently, focusing more on their actual research than the configuration and deployment complexity.

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