SD Times news digest: Twilio launches developer toolkit, New Jupyter Notebooks improvements in Azure DevOps, JetBrains releases EduTools Plugin 2021.8

by Joseph K. Clark

Twilio launched its Developer Toolkit, which enables companies to use the building blocks needed to connect and route trusted, secure, first-party data wherever their teams need it. 

It provides developers with streamlined data collection to save time setting up analytics infrastructure and improve the performance of their apps and websites by using the most performant data sources. 

Twilio launches developer

New additions to the toolkit include Analytics.js 2.0, batching for Analytics.js 2.0, Swift and Kotlin libraries, destination actions, and multi-instance destinations.  Additional details on the new toolkit are available here

New Jupyter Notebooks improvements in Azure DevOps

Microsoft announced an enhanced Jupyter experience with Azure DevOps, allowing users to render their .ipynb notebook files directly in Azure DevOps with an improved viewing experience.

The Jupyter team also added new features to enhance Jupyter Notebook support, including Notebook Exports and Function Definition Viewers.  Also launched is a function definition viewer that allows users to view a class or method documentation by hovering over it.  Additional details are available here

JetBrains releases EduTools Plugin 2021.8

JetBrains Plugin 2021.8 comes with new improvements for the Codeforces integration, support for Android course creation, and many enhancements and bug fixes. 

Starting from EduTools 2021.8, course creators can specify the required plugins for a given course, and it is also now possible to create Android courses right inside the IDE. 

JetBrains also announced the 2021.2 versions of PyCharm Edu and IntelliJ IDEA Edu, which include the latest fixes for PyСharm and IntelliJ IDEA, as well as the latest EduTools plugin updates. Additional details are available here.

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