SD Times news digest: Tableau announces new analytics capabilities, Microsoft releases two .NET MAUI-compatible versions of Xamarin Community Toolkit, Amazon Managed Grafana now generally available

by Joseph K. Clark

Tableau unveiled its new data and analytics platform capabilities that include new stuff to make data challenges easier to manage and ensure that analytics scales with enterprise demand. 

Tableau Prep makes it easier for customers to automatically reduce loads and costs of server resources, and new capabilities help by alerting users of potential issues. 

Also, Enterprise Deployment Guidelines (EDG) provide a Tableau reference architecture for enterprise customers to achieve requirements around availability, scalability, and security. 

 Tableau announces

Microsoft releases two .NET MAUI-compatible versions of Xamarin Community Toolkit.

Microsoft released two new .NET MAUI-compatible versions of ‘Xamarin.CommunityToolkit.MauiCompat’ and ‘Xamarin.CommunityToolkit.Markup.MauiCompat.’

These MauiCompat libraries align with the latest release of Xamarin.CommunityToolkit. The MauiCompat release includes support for iOS and Android.

“The MauiCompat libraries are created as a helpful step in your migration from Xamarin.Forms to .NET MAUI. These libraries ensure that you can access all of the features of Xamarin.CommunityToolkit in your .NET MAUI apps without breaking changes, helping to make your migration to .NET MAUI easier,” Brandon Minnick, a developer advocate at Microsoft, wrote in a blog post. 

Amazon Managed Grafana is now generally available.

Amazon Managed Grafana has been upgraded to version 8, and it offers new data sources, visualizations, and features, including library panels that can be re-used on multiple dashboards. 

The new version also includes a Prometheus metrics browser to quickly find and query metrics and a new state timeline and status history visualizations. 

To centralize the querying of additional data sources within an Amazon Managed Grafana workspace, users can now query data using the JSON data source plugin. Further details on the new version are available here.

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