SD Times news digest: ShiftLeft Educate, .NET 6 Preview 6, and IBM to acquire Bluetab

by Joseph K. Clark

ShiftLeft Educate provides security training for developers right in their developer workflow. It offers contextual training for different skill levels. 

Key features include analytics, the ability to select appropriate training resources based on language and vulnerability type, and interactive videos, real-world examples, mitigation information from Kontra.

ShiftLeft Educate

There is also a paid version of ShiftLeft Educate, which allows customers to roll out, assign, and track the completion of training. 

.NET 6 Preview 6

The sixth preview of .NET 6 is now available. According to Microsoft, this is a minor release, and the following preview will be much more significant. New features include three new workload commands for discovery and management, TLS support for System. Directory services. Protocols improved sync-over-async performance.

.NET 6 Preview 6 has been tested for and supports Visual Studio 2022 Preview 2, which will allow developers to use new tools in Visual Studio, such as .NET MAUI, Hot Reload for C# apps, and the new Web Live Preview for WebForms.  More information is available here

IBM to acquire Bluetab to expand data consulting services

According to IBM, Bluetab will become a part of the company’s data services consulting practice. This will help further advance its hybrid cloud and AI strategy.  “The outside-in digital transformation of the past is giving way to the inside-out potential of using company-owned data with AI and automation to generate business value and create intelligent workflows,” said Mark Foster, Senior Vice President, IBM Services and Global Business Services. “Our acquisition of Bluetab will fuel migration to the cloud and help our clients to realize even more value from their mission-critical data.”

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