SD Times news digest: LogDNA’s Browser Logger, Rust released, and Google Play to launch new safety section

by Joseph K. Clark

LogDNA announced a new browser logging capability designed to enable full-stack and frontend developers to ingest frontend log data into LogDNA to debug web applications more efficiently.

The company’s new feature automatically captures errors and logs occurring in the user’s browser and allows dev teams to centralize those errors alongside server-side logs.

“Customers struggle to extend their observability stack into their frontend web applications to monitor for client-side errors and collect critical debugging information,” said Peter Cho, the vice president of product, LogDNA. “LogDNA Browser Logger makes it quick and painless to find and fix issues that span between frontend and backend applications so developers can spend less time debugging and more time on value-adding tasks.”

Rust released


According to the developer behind the language, the most significant change in Rust 1.52.0 version is enhanced tooling support for Clippy.  Previously, running ‘cargo check’ followed by ‘cargo clippy’ wouldn’t actually run Clippy. The issue has since been fixed, meaning that users can get the expected behavior regardless of the order in which they run the commands.  Additional details on the stabilized APIs in this release are available here.

Google Play to launch new safety section

Google’s newly added safety section will give transparency into how apps are using dataIt now highlights whether the app has security practices like data encryption, whether it follows the Families policy, whether users have a choice in sharing it if it’s verified by an independent third party, and more.

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