Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Plus is a Tile Pro challenger with ultra-wideband tech

by Joseph K. Clark

Earlier this year, Samsung launched the Galaxy SmartTag, a Tile competitor that uses Bluetooth Low Energy to help you find your lost items. The South Korean tech giant has now announced the launch of the Galaxy SmartTag+, a beefed-up version with both Bluetooth Low Energy and ultra-wideband (UWB).

Thanks to ultra-wideband (UWB), Samsung says the Galaxy SmartTag+ can pinpoint the location of your missing item with greater accuracy than the standard SmartTag. It also uses augmented reality (AR) to visually guide you to the item using your smartphone’s camera. However, you’ll need to have an UWB-equipped smartphone to be able to use AR Finder guides. Samsung’s best Android phones — including the Galaxy S21+ and Galaxy S21 Ultra, come with UWB support.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag

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