Riot Games releases an album of royalty-free music for Twitch streamers

by Emma

Riot Games is no stranger to making music. With K/DA, the studio has one of the world’s most popular virtual bands, but its latest musical project is different. On Friday, Riot released Sessions: Vi, a 37-track album of instrumental beats with contributions from artists like Chromonicci and Junior State. The release is unique because streamers and content creators can use all the songs from Sessions: Vi for free.

Riot Games releases an album of royalty-free music for Twitch streamers

Riot hopes the album and future ones like it will help ease some of the copyright headaches Twitch streamers have had to deal with for much of the past year. At the start of last June, Twitch got a “sudden influx” of DMCA takedown notices. The majority of those targeted archived broadcasts that had been up on the platform for years. The company has tried in various ways to prevent more takedown notifications from coming in, but those efforts don’t seem to have addressed the problem. That’s because, in May, Twitch said it received another batch of approximately 1,000 individual DMCA notifications. For some streamers, those notices represent a potential ban from the service.

You can stream Sessions: Vi on Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube.

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