plumbing maintenance and services for schools

by Joseph K. Clark

Why Regular Plumbing Maintenance is Essential for Schools

Plumbing problems can cause a lot of damage and disruption to schools. That’s why it’s essential for schools to have a plumbing maintenance and service plan in place. By having regular plumbing maintenance, you can help avoid any major plumbing emergencies and ensure that your school’s plumbing system is running smoothly.


How old is your school’s plumbing?

If your school is like most, the plumbing network is probably quite old. And while plumbing technology has come a long way in the last few decades, older plumbing systems are still prone to problems through general wear and tear. Rusting can lead to burst pipes, leaks, and tree roots finding their way into the underground piping system.

However, with regular plumbing maintenance and services for schools (as well as innovative tools like CCTV pipe inspection technology), you can adopt a preventative approach to these issues.

What kind of problems can occur if you don’t have regular plumbing maintenance?

  • Burst pipes (this can lead to flooding, which can damage school property and disrupt classes)
  • Leaks (causes water damage and mould growth)
  • Blocked drains (leads to bad smells and hygiene issues)
  • Toilets that won’t flush properly (not only a nuisance, but can also be a health hazard)

All of these problems can cause significant disruption to the running of your school. If you don’t have regular plumbing maintenance, you may find yourself having to call out an emergency plumber more often than you’d like. This can be costly and disruptive.

It goes without saying that school bathrooms get more use than the standard residential bathroom (or even most commercial bathrooms, really!). This increased use puts extra strain on plumbing fixtures and can lead to more wear and tear.

Your local plumbing professional will work alongside you to develop a tailored plumbing maintenance program for your school

This program will be designed to meet the specific needs of your school and help you avoid any plumbing problems. Of course, sometimes there are plumbing issues which can’t be predicted or planned for, and this is when it helps to have an efficient and reliable emergency plumber on call.

By doing some research to find a plumbing company in your area that you can trust, you can make sure you’ve covered all bases when it comes to your school’s maintenance and emergency plumbing needs.

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