Philips might launch new, brighter Philips Hue light bulbs

by Joseph K. Clark

Philips is expected to release new Hue light bulbs in September. The new light bulbs will be brighter and have more features. It will also be part of the project MATTER, which will ensure it will be compatible with Google, Apple’s Homekit, and Amazon’s Alexa innovative home products.

Hue Blog has reported that Philps is working on new light bulbs. The new standard-sized bulbs will offer 1,100 lumens, compared to 806 lumens on the older model. There will also be a more giant lamp with 1,600 lumens which will be available in the future. That new lamp will be available in Hue White, Hue Ambiance, Hue White Ambiance, and Color Ambiance. The larger design will allow the LEDs to cool down more efficiently since the light will generate more heat.

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Philips will also expand its filament range with E27 lamps in different shapes, including Standard, Edison, and Globe. There will be two filaments with warm white and cool white LEDs to adjust the color temperature. The maximum brightness of the new light bulbs is 550 lumens.


Another new product that is launching is a filament lamp. It will contain E14 bulbs for the base for the European region. The new light will feature only a dimmable white technology with a fixed color temperature.

The report also mentions that more products are yet to be revealed, some of which will feature the Gradient technology. Philips has only launched the Gradient Lightstrip that allows the change of multiple colors on the strip simultaneously.

More new products are expected to be launched in about two months in September. It remains to be seen, but we might just see these new products at the September iPhone event, where Apple might try and show off the new integration with iPhones and other Apple products.

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