Our favorite shows, audiobooks and music to fall asleep to

by Joseph K. Clark

If you’re anything like me, the past year has wreaked havoc on your sleep schedule. Some of it is good — if you no longer have to commute, you’ve probably snuck in an extra hour or two of sleep in the morning or might even sneak away for a midday nap. But on the other hand, your kids being around all the time probably have you on edge, or maybe you have to deal with frequent siren sounds outside. The antidote is audio meant to calm you down, to get you into the right headspace for a peaceful night’s rest. Everyone has their own preferences, but I’ve highlighted a few I’ve found especially helpful when I need to get myself settled down and tucked in for a good night’s rest.



I stumbled upon this one by accident while browsing Disney+, and it’s become one of my favorite things on the service. Each episode is a themed supercut of clips from animated Disney movies, with the music and voice removed to focus only on the sound effects. Think Aladdin and Jasmine swooping over the desert on a magic carpet or Moana standing on the beach. It really lets you focus on the quality of the animation and sound design, akin to an ASMR track or straight-up medication. – KN

But he isn’t wrong: This show has a lot of rich people arguing and wringing their hands, and you can quickly close your eyes and not miss a lot of the action. The show also doesn’t lean on you knowing exactly what’s happening moment to moment, so it’s OK if you drift out and back in. – KN

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