Of course, Instagram has started testing ads in Reels

by Joseph K. Clark

In a not surprising move at all, Facebook is going to milk yet another avenue that is getting popular these days. We’re talking about Reels here, the TikTok-copycat that was recently released on Instagram. Today, the social media giant has announced that it will start testing Reels ads in India, Germany, and Australia and will expand to other markets in the coming months. 

You can reply, like, save, and skip these Reels ads.

started testing ads in Reels

Just like the Reels themselves, these ads will be full-screen and will last up to 30 seconds. Instagram says that Reel ads will also be immersive, and they will also allow viewers to like, share, and comment on them just like a regular Reel video. Moreover, these ads can also be skipped and saved too. Here’s the official explanation behind the idea of ads in Reels:

“90% of people follow a business on Instagram, and people are already embracing Reels to discover new creators and businesses.5 This discovery mindset makes it a natural place for businesses to express themselves creatively and find deeper connections with the audiences that matter to them.”

But Facebook is not just stopping at exploiting Reels for some ad money on Instagram. The social media behemoth has revealed that it will start testing custom sticker ads on Facebook Stories among a handful of creators and advertising partners in the coming weeks. These stickers will allow creators to monetize their Stories as they get a cut of revenue from sales generated by them. These stickers will be designed by brands, and creators will have the freedom to use them in their stories howsoever they like for maximum engagement.

Facebook is also kicking off a global test of what it calls In-Stream Video Topics. Essentially, these are in-stream ads that have generated video topics to assist businesses in finding the right video for advertising their products and services. Initially, Facebook will offer 20 topics and 700 sub-topics, making it easier for companies to pinpoint the good videos to generate maximum revenue and engagement.

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