More Upgrades Than We Thought? (video)

by Joseph K. Clark

Last chance to pre-order your Samsung Galaxy S21 with huge discounts more Android smartphones from OnePlus, Google, and more are on saleB&H has several MacBook Pro models, Smart TVs, and more on sale.Let’s begin today with deals. So, pre-orders for the Galaxy S21 ended yesterday, but guess what? I suppose that if you order today, you can still get some of those deals anyways. The Galaxy S21 5G is still starting at $99, but now with just $50 in instant credit. The S21+ now starts at $299 with $75 in instant credit as well. And finally, the S21 Ultra is available for $499 with $100 in instant credit if you buy it. Just keep in mind all of these prices are for trade-in deals, so you need a device to trade in to take advantage of these. If you plan to buy a new Galaxy and want some protection, SUPCASE is still our #1 choice. Use promo code 10POCKETNOW on Amazon to get 10% off, or use promo code POCKETNOW15 on to get your cases. Looking for an older device? Don’t worry; the Z Flip is still available for $299 and the Z Fold 2 for just $1000 if you have a machine to trade-in. Moving on, the Microsoft Surface Go 2 is available for $35 off, meaning it starts at $515, and we also have deals on the Type Cover. The OnePlus 8 Pro is still available for $200 off, leaving it at $700 from OnePlus, though yeah, kind of meh with thos S21 deals. The Google Pixel 4a 5G is still $50 off, leaving it at $450. And finally, the Pixel 4 XL is available for $109 off its original price tag, leaving it at $609. We have more deals on Motorola phones, Razer accessories, and more in the links below.


Moving back a little bit to Samsung, let’s actually talk foldable since, in the Honor segment, we discussed that the company is working on 3. It seems we should expect extensive upgrades with the Galaxy Z Fold 3, a Z Flip 3 (3 is for the names to match), and the rumors have it that we’ll be getting a Galaxy Z Flip Lite, making foldable more affordable. But, it looks like foldable isn’t the only market Samsung plans to roll into. I know Diego is full of puns today. Well, Samsung Display’s VP just said during an earnings call that they plan to “fortify their presence in the display market through innovative form factors such as rollable and sliding displays”. He didn’t specify that these are for smartphones as we know that Samsung Display does much more. However, we have a patent filed by Samsung back in 2019 that shows a smartphone screen that slides down and back into the device. Once it slides down, it reveals the selfie camera and other sensors, probably for facial recognition. Of course, there’s no guarantee that we’ll be getting one of these any time soon but, with LG possibly leaving this market, would you like to see a rolling or sliding phone from Samsung?

Apple is testing an optical in-screen fingerprint sensor for its upcoming iPhones iPhone 13 Pro could have a 1TB storage variant. Finally, for the hottest news today, let’s talk iPhone 13 or 12S. Yes, I know Apple hasn’t done an S in 2 years, but I’m sure you understand what I mean about iterative updates. We’ve heard multiple reports that overlap so far, like the smaller notch or the on-display fingerprint scanner, as well as the 120Hz refresh rate. We have a new account from IT-Home claiming that the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max could get up to 1TB of storage. Just for reference, the current Pro models can go up to 512GB, and Apple hasn’t added more storage in 2 generations. Yesterday, Jon Prosser also mentioned that there are some prototypes with the added storage, but it will only happen for the Pro models. He also called it 12S in the video, so, interesting huh. Finally, we also got some new phone renders from LetsGoDigital and Concept Creator, who always does a great job. These renders are for the iPhone 13 Pro. They show a very familiar design, with the boxy build and pretty much the same camera module as we’re only expecting internal changes for the camera. According to multiple reports, the most significant change from last year is the shorter notch, which won’t be narrower. These renders also show yet another courageous move from Apple, with no charging port at the bottom, and we wouldn’t be surprised considering how much they’re currently pushing MagSafe. These reports also mention Wi-Fi 6E integration, which we talked about a couple of days ago.


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