MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot Swatches

by Emma


Painterly has been a workhorse for me for years! I used it on its own for work every day, along with some black pencil along my upper and lower waterlines, black mascara, and some brow pencil; an easy, pulled-together and work appropriate look that I could apply in no time (which was vital when facing an hour+ commute on a subway line where there was never any chance to sit and finish my makeup, lol).

Even though I’m not working anymore, I’m thinking I still might add Bare Study and Vintage Selection to my collection anyway, so I have the option of a bit of shimmer now and then when I do get made up.

Thanks for posting this, Christine! The Paint Pots really are one of my favorite MAC products, and this inspired me to check out some of the other colors too!


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