MAC Let’s Skate, Art Thera-peachy, Brick-a-brac, Babe in Charms Pro Longwear Paint Pots Reviews & Swatches

by Joseph K. Clark

Let’s Skate

MAC Let’s Skate Pro Longwear Paint Pot ($23.00 for 0.17 oz.) is a light pink with subtle, warm undertones and gold sparkle throughout. It had semi-opaque pigmentation with a moderately emollient consistency that was prone to sheering out and better applied as a semi-sheer wash of color all over the lid.

This shade worked similarly with brushes as it did with fingertips, and there was more playtime than the matte shades in the line as it was quite a bit more emollient. It was more spreadable with a more precise result compared to other shimmers in the bar, too. There was creasing visible after 10 hours of wear.


MAC Let's Skate
Formula Overview
for details on general performance and characteristics (like the scent).

Formula Overview

$23.00/0.17 oz. – $135.29 Per Ounce

The formula is supposed to be “highly pigmented, long-wearing, blendable” and can be used as either an “eye primer” or as a “cream shadow.” The brand says it’s supposed to wear for “24 hours” without flaking or creasing.

The matte finish is most consistent in performance and tended to perform better than the shades with some level of shimmer. The matte shades were lightly creamy to slightly stiffer to work with, and with the stiffer ones, I preferred using a brush to get the initial product out of the jar and then using a fingertip to furiously diffuse the product. The matte shades were typically semi-opaque to opaque in coverage and longer-wearing–12 to 14 hours before showing a bit of fading–but were varying degrees of blendable (related to how creamy the initial texture was).

The shimmery finish, particularly more pearlescent/metallic, was significantly more emollient than the matte shades. This led to sheerer coverage that often applied unevenly and was challenging to use with precision. They were best applied in thin layers and built up, but the results were inconsistent and varied a lot between shades. I didn’t find that they applied any better using brushes over fingertips or vice versa. The wear of the shimmer shades was shorter, too, and there was often a bit of creasing within 10 hours of wear.

With 24-hour wear claims like this, I wear for as long as I’m awake, but I don’t want to sleep in makeup, so I extrapolate based on the state of it at 16-hours. (Plus, it is rare that products actually go as long as 12, let alone 16, hours without some sign(s) of wear.) I don’t recall this product having a specific, 24-hour wear claim before (and my prior reviews don’t mention it, just that it was “long-wearing”), so ratings did change for certain shades as a result.

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