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Search engine optimization or SEO means a set of rules that helps brands optimize their websites to gain higher rankings in search engines organic results. It also helps in increasing the visibility of the website and gaining more traffic and conversions. It has two major goals. One is to help the brand understand the audiences’ preferences so that the brand can develop content and design that matches the audiences’ taste. The second is to help brands create a website that search engines can index, identify and understand.

Following good SEO practices can be a great way to increase website quality by making it easier, faster and user-friendly. An agency like Blurn works as an extension to a brand and provides various digital marketing services. Burn SEO Agency can design, develop and implement a unique and effective SEO strategy for brands, depending on the niche market.

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Importance of SEO

Most people who use search engines are more likely to click on any top five suggestions or may not go beyond the first page of search results. To gain visitors and increase conversion, a brand’s website should stay in the top positions in a search engine result. SEO plays an important role in doing so.

SEO helps improve the user experience and usability of a website rather than only being beneficial for search engine rankings.

People trust the websites that rank higher on search engines. The keyword customers may use for searching becomes more relevant in such cases.

SEO can help promote websites on social media as well. If the webpage contains a button to share the content or the website link as a whole, the customers can share the website or its pages with people on social media. This helps gain traffic and conversions.

SEO is necessary for the smooth working of a website. It can directly make an impact on the website by improving its rankings organically. SEO can indirectly have certain indicators to follow before publishing content on a website.

SEO can help a brand stay on top of the competition. If two websites offer similar products, and SEO-friendly website will have more traffic and sales.

Main Stages of the SEO Process

Technical SEO: The first phase in the process. This has no relation with the content on a website or with its promotion methods. Configuring this would make the job of the search engines easier. It manages the crawling and indexing in search engines that affect the ranking of websites.

On-Page SEO: The primary focus of page SEO is on the content and other elements present. It provides signals to search engine crawlers to identify the meaning and context of the content on a website. Dealing with elements like website structure, keywords, structured data mark up, internal links, etc., is essential as it would send the right signals to search engines. If used in the right way, on page SEO can improve usability and credibility.

Off-Page SEO: It means link building. One of the major factors that help rank a website is the number of incoming links or backlinks. It can have a great impact on the ranking position. If the links are coming from authoritative websites, the ranking of a webpage would automatically move higher. If the links are gained by unethical means or are spam, it would have negative effects.

 Basic SEO Principles to Boost Website Traffic 

Keyword Optimisation:

Keywords are the main elements of SEO. Every page on a website should follow a well-designed keyword plan that can help create an impact on the search engine algorithms. Hence, specific keywords are needed for each page. There are many ways to find keywords for a page. Brainstorming methods can be used to write down all the keywords that come up which is relevant to the topic. Seek the help of tools to collect keywords and reach the target audience.

Title Tags:

Search engine algorithms use a headline of a subject and then position it in the search engine results. Keywords are thus relevant in titles as well. Each title should contain a keyword so that the search engine algorithms can recognize the relevance of the content. Besides the keyword, the brand name can be included in the title as readers can easily identify the brand published in the post. Headlines should be interesting to the user. A good title should motivate audiences to engage with the content. The brand can also seek the help of tools to frame a keyword-rich and catchy title that may boost sales.

Meta Description:

It can help in optimizing the webpage. An average user would look at the headlines and meta descriptions on a search engine result. The keywords in the meta description are highlighted by the search engine, which helps the audience determine whether to click on a link to check the content or website.

SEO Audit:

An SEO audit can help maintain website productivity. Identifying the underlying issues on a website is always a good idea to gain more traffic. Check for title tags and meta descriptions, keyword optimization, analyzing the URL of articles, ALT tags of images, and how smartphone-friendly the website is. This can help in understanding the SEO value of a website. If any issues are identified, they can be rectified, resulting in an increase in traffic.

Quality of Content:

The only way all SEO activities would be successful is by providing well-written, high-quality content. Create relevant posts and interact well with customers.  Include multimedia content like images, infographics, videos, etc., to make the content interesting. The content should help the audience understand more about the product or services offered by the brand. It should encourage them to engage and come back to the website in the future.

SEO, no doubt, is the most important element in an online business. It can make the website more attractive for search engines as well as the audience. Agencies like Blurn can provide various digital marketing services aiming at increasing the profit of brands. Burn can plan and implement unique and effective SEO strategies to help your brand turn into an authoritative website of its niche market.

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