JetBrains releases CI/CD solution TeamCity Cloud

by Joseph K. Clark

Today, JetBrains introduced TeamCity Cloud, a managed CI/CD service designed for DevOps teams that don’t want to maintain and scale their own infrastructure. 

The company explained that the cloud version is based on the original TeamCity. It shares a lot of the same functionality, including integration with popular development tools, test intelligence, and easy configuration.

TeamCity Cloud’s test intelligence analyzes test history, reports flaky tests, visualizes trends, and lets teams know how their code quality changes over time.

TeamCity Cloud

The new solution also lets teams configure their CI/CD pipelines through a web UI and offers the option to create them programmatically using Kotlin, which can handle channels of various complexities and scale. 

According to JetBrains, the core key difference of TeamCity Cloud from the on-premise version is that it is maintained by the company and thus has fewer administration features. 

Moving forward, JetBrains plans to add macOS support since it only comes with Linux and Windows build agents currently. Developers who wish to use the features have to install TeamCity Build Agent and connect it as a self-hosted build agent.

A new enterprise version is also expected for the end of 2021, and it will support plugins and have various additional customization options.

“We believe that TeamCity Cloud will bring the power and the deep expertise of the on-premises TeamCity to the cloud CI/CD market, allowing the companies of all sizes to orchestrate and streamline their DevOps pipelines,” said Max Shafirov, the CEO at JetBrains.

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