HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro review: keeps getting better and better

by Joseph K. Clark

Suppose you’ve been following HUAWEI and its development over the past quinquennial. In that case, you know very well that the two flagships, the spring P-series and the autumn Mate-series are two different animals.

The P40 – which earned our Road Warrior award for the Pro version and the Best Camera of 2020 for the Pro+ variant – is aimed towards the creative, focusing on multimedia and photography. The Mate series is the one pushing the limits of performance. It is also the device that usually introduces the latest iteration of the Kirin chipset and other advancements.

That has certainly been the case with the Mate 40 Pro, bringing even more power to the palm of your hands. Three months after starting using it, this is our HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro review, long-term.



HUAWEI decided to spruce up the color palette of the Mate 40 Pro, offering it in White, Black, Olive Green, Sunflower Yellow, and the very interesting, chameleonic, Mystic Silver we have over here.

This color option shifts shades from dull silver to red, through orange, yellow, green, and starting from blue. It’s got most of the colors in the spectrum if the proper light hits it at the right angle. The matte finish of the glass also helps keep fingerprints to a decent amount.

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