How to view your match results and statistics in PUBG Mobile

by Joseph K. Clark

Tracking gameplay stats and match results in PUBG Mobile reveals much more than bragging rights over your friends. Knowing where to find this data — and how to learn from it — is essential for working your way up the tier ladder.

PUBG Mobile records the full results — every shot fired and every kilometer traveled — of every completed match is recorded, which means you’re able to go back and analyze your match results from the past 30 days. So along with celebrating your wins, you can review how each match’s performance affects your ranking score in one of the best Android games.

PUBG Mobile

The game also does an excellent job of compiling all your personal data across each season and server into a handy graph that breaks down your career combat and survival performance. Here’s how to find match results in PUBG Mobile without getting lost.

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How to find and read your statistics

While PUBG Mobile does a good job compiling your stats, they don’t grant you direct access to them from the home screen like in the in-game shop. However, all you need to do is tap your profile picture to see all your profile data, then we’ll be focusing on the bottom two tabs — Statistics and Career Results.

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