How to view your location history in Google Maps

by Joseph K. Clark

Google Maps has a nifty Timeline feature that lets you browse the places you’ve visited along with the routes traveled. The Timeline received an excellent overhaul in 2015. Google has since added the ability to collate images you’ve taken at particular locations, allowing you to get a better overview of all your travels. This feature certainly comes in handy if you’re looking to see all the images you took at a particular location or if you’re trying to get a highlight of your weekly or monthly activities. Here’s how to view your location history in Google Maps.

How to view your location history in Google Maps

 Google Maps

  1. Launch Google Maps.
  2. Tap your profile picture in the top right corner.
  3. Tap Your Timeline.
  4. Tap Today to open the calendar and view a particular day.

  5. Swipe left or right to switch months.
  6. Tap a date to view your location history. You’ll see the route traveled, along with the duration and length of the overall journey.

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How to disable location tracking

Timeline is undoubtedly a helpful feature if you’re interested in browsing your previous travel data, but it also comes off as creepy (Google tracks everything). Fortunately, you can quickly turn off location tracking in Maps to stop Google Maps from storing your location.

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