How to Uninstall a Software in Windows 7?

by Joseph K. Clark

Whenever you put some software on the computer, some software works correctly, and some software is installed automatically. Essential Software reduces the speed of your computer, which will affect the RAM and processor of your computer. Is. Therefore you should keep checking your laptop from time to time. If there is no unnecessary software installed on your computer, if it is, then you should delete them in time.

Steps to uninstall unnecessary Software from your computer


Step1: – First, you have to go to My Computer. Where all the drives show up.

Step2: – As soon as My Computer opens, you have to click on Uninstall or change a Program under the address bar.

Step3: – After clicking on Uninstall or Change a program, the list of all the Computer programs \ Software will open in front of you.

Step4: – After that, you have to right-click on the Software you want to uninstall and click the option of Uninstall.

Step5: – After that, a message will appear in front of you, in which YES has to be clicked; the Software will be uninstalled as soon as clicking Yes.

In this way, you can uninstall any software. Which affects your computer’s RAM and processor.

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