How to sign up for Disney Plus with a subscription card

by Joseph K. Clark

If you are a huge fan of Pixar, Princesses, or live with a Disney junkie, Disney Plus (Disney+) is the streaming service for you. If you haven’t had a chance to sign up yet, it’s time to renew, or you’re looking to give somebody the magical gift of Disney streaming; there’s an easy way to do it, especially if you live near a Disney-run establishment. You can purchase 12-month subscription cards! If you have one or want to get one, we can help you use it to start streaming as soon as possible. Here’s how to sign up for Disney Plus with a subscription card.

Before you buy or redeem


Before you try to redeem your subscription card, here are a few things you should take note of. You can’t save a subscription code if you already have an account. The only way to successfully redeem a subscription card is to be a new subscriber. If you have already purchased a card, you can gift it to someone who doesn’t have the service. Otherwise, you have to wait until your current subscription is up to cancel and register with a new email address.

How to sign up for Disney Plus with a subscription card

If you haven’t been gifted a card and want to buy one yourself, you can find Disney+ subscription cards in Disney Stores or the Disney World or Disneyland parks. Once you’ve got it in hand, follow the steps below to get streaming.

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