How to Edit Your Video in Simple Ways for a Beginner?

by Joseph K. Clark

Video editing is one of the significant works in the film industry. Video editing is arranging many video shots to make a single attractive video. Movies, Television shows, daily soaps, advertisement makers have been doing video editing ever since. The evolution in video editing has grown as we could make it through mobile phones.


12 Tips for a Beginner to Edit Videos Effectively

Right tools

It is the foremost task to ensure the most suitable and appropriate video editing tool. Your preference should be upon its features, usability and digital interface. This video editing tool offering everything that is used to make standard videos and give more priority to your interest.


Many websites, YouTube, and blogs provide tutorials worth spending time on. Most of the tutorials on these platforms are accessible and free of cost. The more you go through these, the more exposure to video editing.

Project Files

While going through a tutorial, follow along with the project files told by the instructor. This will help you in the future so that you will not forget any step in between. Some instructors permit you to download their project files. Once you have mastered it, you can make your files as well.

321 Rule

Rule 321 has to be followed by every video editor. 3 in 321 stands for keeping 3 copies of everything you create. 2 in 321 frames for keeping copies in 2 different places. 1 as in an area that is physically separated from other locations. This is a rule which has been used universally.

Tell a story

Edit your video, keeping in mind that your result should portray a story. This is one of the creative goals. Viewers are more attractive towards aesthetically pleasing and dramatically compelling videos. It helps to evoke the right emotions out of the viewers. Not just a bunch of effects but also technical and practical knowledge is required.

Organized Workflow

The organized structure is a universal thing recommended to every work field. Add subsections to it. In video editing, those things which you are going to use again and again should be kept in a single file so that you will be able to find them in a hurry. Another way to maintain efficient workflow is to use external hard drives to keep your footage and free up your computer storage. Use complicated devices to connect via USB 3.0 or Thunderbolt to exchange files faster.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Addressing buttons, there are a lot of editing programs that permit you to use keyboard shortcuts to operate many in-app editing functions. Analyze, remember and customize different shortcuts for software programs. You could also purchase a replaceable editing keyboard cover if you can afford an editing keyboard.


In the video editing industry, some terms are essential and cannot be decoded easily without research. That’s why you need to learn some of the words beforehand. Jumpcut, J cut, L cut, montage, Cutting on Action, Match Cut, and many more.

Color Effects

Color plays a significant role in video editing. Through different colors, you can depict other subjects. It helps in manipulating and emphasizing specific issues. It can control the viewer’s mood emotionally. Video editing and research provide us with many such color options. Using color effects, two things can be done, color correction and color grading. Color correction is used to ensure the evenness of color throughout the video, and color grading upgrades the flush of the video. These both make the footage look realistic.


Music is one of the most essential elements of video editing. It adds flavors to the visuals. Using the right piece in the right genre is crucial. Music can trigger the emotions of viewers and can completely change it too. In comedy/ funny videos, adding laughter music can be proven good.

Text and Highlight

The only way to make viewers remember what you are trying to deliver is to add texts and highlight the same through video editing. Not to mention, you need to check out the space for where to write. It should not be in the wrong place.


The most fundamental thing about video editing is trimming. Trimming unnecessary parts of the video reduces the video’s time duration, which reduces the viewer’s stress. To keep your viewer attentive throughout the footage, extreme shots need to be removed. Sometimes the actors forget their lines and use pause fillers such as umm, etc. That leaves a wrong impression. Trimming serves here and releases all such clips. Trimming refines the video.

Why Do We Need to Learn Video Editing?

Videos are Impactful

Videos can connect with the viewer more and the images relatively. A photo tells one scenario while a video tells 1000. You can deliver the correct message through your video editing skills. No matter the topic, it could be either save humanity, Save the climate, or any such thing.


The fact that technological growth is inevitable. Not just on Television now, videos can be accessed on mobile phones. Mobile phones are the only thing that is in our hands 24×7.

Convey a Message

Only through video editing one can deliver a message that they have planned to convey. There are few chances that the actors/actresses may lose track of what they want to provide. What scenes, music, and many other things are made by the video editor.


Almost every video nowadays has suspense. And that suspense is revealed at the end of the video. During film editing, the editor has to keep in mind whether the viewer should know the information from the very beginning or to open up the suspense at the end. The editor has to make this big decision.


Consistency in the video plays a significant part in attracting viewers. The audience always needs a good flow in the video. Videos with smash cut scenes are not preferred by viewers. Video editing switches one location to another smoothly.

Effects and filters

Suppose you watch a movie wherein half of the scenes are in different effects and half in another. Your impression would not be good, right? The quality of the video can be improved by adding an actual product or filter throughout the video. This makes the video fascinating, and viewers don’t lose track throughout.


Editing a video is the last work to do. Video editing helps inspect all the content that has been shot. While making big videos, there remains a high chance that some scenes will be overlooked. Video editing finds out all the mistakes, makes an organized video, and makes it interconnected and related.

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