How to Choose the Right NBN Plan

by Joseph K. Clark

Access to the Internet is more of a necessity than ever, with more providers coming forward with options to give people access at affordable prices. In Australia, creating widespread internet access became a national infrastructure project.

The National Broadband Network, or NBN, is helping to future-proof access to the web, with the ultimate goal of providing fast and reliable coverage to every Australian. If you’re looking into getting on the NBN, here are a few steps to keep in mind to ensure you are getting the right plan for your household.

Connection Speed

NBN Plan

When shopping for NBN plans, it’s essential to ensure you have a strong enough connection to service every computer. Tablet and mobile phone in your home. There are five tiers of internet speed to choose from, with increased potential for download and upload speed.

The lowest tier is Home Basic I, suitable for sending e-mails and phone calls but with limited bandwidth during peak operation hours. Home Basic II upgrades this package, providing a more substantial range of coverage with standard video definition streaming.

Many Australian households opt for a new NBN plan under the Home Standard tier. Considered the best choice for a 3-4 person household, this plan comes with busy speeds up to 30mbps or megabits per second. This allows users to work from home and handle large file transfers. HD streaming and online gaming are easier for new customers under this NBN service. The Home Fast option is about optimizing performance during busy times, with up to five users getting access. This only increases further in an Australian home with Home Superfast or Home Ultrafast.


NBN Plan

Getting on the NBN network is easier than ever, but Australians need to be wary of the cost of the right NBN plan for their household. A Home Basic plan can range anywhere from $40 to $50 per month, but those plans are designed for limited social media and internet use. If you have more than two people in your household, this standard model for a modem is not in the best interest of convenience. Of course, as speed increases, so does the cost of the NBN plan.

If you are willing to pay in the low three figures each month for your internet coverage, you can get in on the best NBN plan for large families. Members can connect to the internet simultaneously and from different devices without interruption, even during peak times. Homeowners can capitalize on unlimited data or up to 3000 GB of usage.

In addition to this expansion of coverage, some households can invest in a bundle for their plan. Bundles can include cable TV coverage or even a landline phone service, along with the internet speed you desire.

Internet Providers

If you are looking into investing in the National Broadband Network, consider the retailers that offer this service. Among the list of NBN providers:

  • Telstra
  • Dodo
  • My Republic
  • Belong
  • Optus
  • Harbour ISP

Consultants will provide prospective new customers with an idea of what to anticipate from their services. Some of these providers might not be able to establish NBN service in your area. It’s important to note that the NBN network is still making progress nationwide. Some connection types across Australia still use existing copper lines in conjunction with the new fiber optic technology.

The upgrades being made over time could mean that a preferred retailer will be accessible on NBN in your community next year. At the end of the day, customer service and accessibility mean just as much as how much data allowance you have and how much you spend each month.

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