Hector is a virtual modular synth you can put in your real modular synth

by Joseph K. Clark

Poly Effects has made quite a splash over the last couple of years with the Digit and Beebo — two highly modular guitar pedals that covered everything from amp simulation to drum synthesis. Oh, also, the two pedals were utterly interchangeable — you could run Digit’s firmware on the Beebo, and vice versa. Obviously, the logical next step would be to bring that small-scale modularity to the large-scale modular world of Eurorack, similar to what Empress did with the ZOIA and Euroburo.

virtual modular

Hector is essentially a Digit / Beebo but in a 30 HP Eurorack module. It has all the same effects modules, including the excellent convolution reverbs, ports of Mutable Instruments modules, and a ton of modulation sources. That means Hector could be used strictly as an effects unit for your modular synth; it could provide a CV for controlling other modules, be a sound source, or be all of those things at once — a mini modular inside your more extensive system.

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