Google updates Workspace with new tools and features

by Joseph K. Clark

Google Workspace, the productivity platform, is receiving new tools and features with an update. It includes tools from Gmail to Google Meet. The company is now making Google Assistant generally available in its Workspace. “Google Assistant is currently available for Google Workspace on supported mobile devices and is in beta for smart speakers and Smart Displays, like Nest Hub Max,” Google wrote in the blog post.

Further, if you’re using third-party video conferencing hardware with a third-party calendar service, you can now enable your users to join Meet video calls with just one click from the device. It is also rolling out Access Management, which will allow customers to geographically limit Google staff support actions to U.S. Persons within the Support teams. Google Workspace Assured Controls is available as an add-on to Google Workspace Enterprise Plus customers only.


Google Workspace will get an integrated set of features that will help people quickly “share their work hours and location, while also finding more time to focus on what matters most.” It will include segmentable working hours, recurring out-of-office entries, and location indicators that let employees share their availability and location with their colleagues.

You will also get a new event type — Focus Time, which will let users limit notifications during these event windows to minimize distractions. All these availability and location indicators will show up seamlessly across Google Workspace. The company will also provide new Time Insights, which will be visible only to the employee, not their manager. It will help users assess how they’re spending their time against their own priorities.

It is also rolling out a new mobile tile view to help users see more people at once. Google is rolling out split-screen and picture-in-picture support on Meet mobile. It will allow users to seamlessly chat or browse their Gmail without missing the visual thread. The Live streams will get features including Q&A, polls, and live captions (in English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, and French). Apart from this, it is also adding Chat, Jamboard, and Calendar to Google Workspace Essentials.

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