Google Stadia finally gets a search bar and more a useful Library UI, with more features coming soon

by Joseph K. Clark

What you need to know

  • Google has announced that it’s finally bringing a search bar to Stadia.
  • Several new features and enhancements are in the works for Google Stadia.
  • Android users will soon be able to access Stadia from the web browser.

While Google Stadia has improved since its launch, adding plenty of new games to its repertoire, some pretty essential functions are still missing from the service. Fortunately, Google has listened to its users and brought several new features, significantly enhancing the experience.

Google Stadia finally

The first and probably most crucial function coming to Stadia is the search bar. This feature has been surprisingly absent from Stadia, despite the platform being developed and operated by the most prominent search provider in the U.S. With the addition of a search bar, it should be much easier for Stadia players to search through the platform’s continuously growing catalog to find the best Stadia games.

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Another way Google Stadia makes it easy to sift through games is with the updated Library UI that now allows for games to be sorted. That means users can now distinguish between purchased, accessible, and Pro games in their library.

Unfortunately, the search functionality is only arriving on Stadia for Web, leaving the app behind. Google is, however, is working on expanding Stadia access to web browsers on the best Android phones, among some other features that are in development:

You can get a look at how these upcoming features may appear when they arrive. Google has noted that there may be some changes between these mockups and when the features eventually roll out to users:

Bringing in more features like this should help newer platforms like Stadia to offer more robust and feature-complete gaming experiences. The new search bar and updated library UI are rolling out starting today. There is no release set for the additional features, but they are in development and likely reach Stadia players soon.

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