Get 6 months of free Google Stadia if you are an AT&T 5G or Fiber subscriber

by Joseph K. Clark


AT&T has teamed up with Google to provide Stadia Pro to 5G wireless and fiber customers. This comes at a great time as we’ve reported today that Stadia will now support even more Android TV devices later this month.

In today’s announcement, AT&T has included a new freebie that includes a 6-month Google Stadia Pro subscription to existing and new fiber internet customers. This promotion is available for AT&T wireless customers, both new and existing ones. Customers must have an “eligible” plan that adds or upgrades to a 5G capable  smartphone. New and existing fiber subscribers will need to upgrade to an AT&T package that supports this promotion, such as the 300Mbps, 500Mbps or 1 GIG speed plans.

The Stadia subscription will cost $9.99 after the promotion has ended, and for a limited time, eligible customers can also purchase the Stadia Controller with the Chromecast Ultra bundle for only $19.99. The deals will be available from tomorrow, June 9th.

The Stadia gaming service currently has a library of more than 170 titles, many of which are offered for free to Stadia Pro subscribers. This promotion seems like a nice addition for AT&T customers and it should help the company to gain even more subscribers. Of course, it is also beneficial for Google as it can boost its subscriber count, which comes at a time when the service faces a lot of uncertainty moving forward.


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