FaceTime for Android can face-plant according to our readers

by Joseph K. Clark

On Monday, Apple kicked off its WWDC conference with a two-hour keynote presentation filled with new announcements about its latest software releases. One of the most significant pieces of news for iOS was the announcement that the company would be making its popular FaceTime video calling service available to Android and Windows users via web links. Since communicating with our iPhone-toting friends and family can sometimes be a challenge, we wanted to hear from the Android community whether or not they were excited by these developments.

Over 42% of respondents said they were not interested in using Apple’s FaceTime web solution, calling it a second-rate solution. 36% said they’d participate in calls if friends sent them a link but that they wouldn’t be rushing to try the feature. Only 21% indicated that they were genuinely excited about using FaceTime on their Android phones.


Reader beno51079’s comments perfectly summarize the overall sentiment of our readers:

Nope, I have an iPhone for people I know who use iPhones, and for everyone else, I use Android (my daily driver). Why would I be excited for a half-baked attempt by Apple to include Android users in FaceTime calls? FaceTime is overrated, and I prefer better video calling solutions like WhatsApp, which isn’t restrictive like FaceTime is. Dominique Knobben on Facebook had no problem telling it like it is: On Twitter, the reaction was a bit more diverse but exciting nonetheless.

Our FaceTime for Android poll is now closed, but we’re always interested in hearing what our Android faithful think about Apple products and services. Keep an eye out for our weekend poll this Saturday to share more of your opinions.

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